Cathy & Kevin | San Francisco Engagement Shoot

Serendipitous is an understatement when explaining how I met Cathy and Kevin. Let's just say... it was 'meant to be'! To make a long story short... they were in Syracuse and our lives crossed paths... but they needed their engagement session photographed in San Francisco (it turns out I would be there the following week!)... and they'd be tying the not outside of NYC this fall! The story is a bit hard to follow, but trust me- we're meant for each other! Their engagement session around San Francisco was amazing... we had so much fun adventuring around together. We even saw a wild coyote on our adventure! Here are some of my favorite moments from their awesome shoot...

Cathy and Kevin... I am overjoyed to be the photographer of your choice! I can't wait until your wedding day!

Kaitlin & David | Brooklyn Wedding Day

When Kaitlin and David decided to hire Silent Moment Photography to capture their wedding day, I was overjoyed to say the least! I first met Kaitlin and David during a previous lovely wedding day here in Syracuse. I could tell by the way they looked at each other, giggled and danced together that their love would certainly involve rings and vows in the near future! Needless to say, photographing their wedding day was truly an honor! 

It began in the heart of Brooklyn where Kaitlin and her dearest lovelies were made to be even more beautiful than they already are! 

We then made our way to The Farm on Adderley for Kaitlin and David's intimate ceremony and reception. What a lovely location to marry your best friend! 

Their wedding day was overflowing with love indeed! There were also endless special details matched with sweet moments!

Every moment was made of happiness and pure joy!

David and Kaitlin are undoubtably the 'Perfect Blend'!

Upon saying our farewells to The Farm on Adderley and all of Kaitlin and David's wedding guests, we made our way to Prospect Park

for a grand finale of beautiful wedding portraits!

Here's to Kailtin & David, dinner, dancing and endless giggles!



Jess & Greg | Married tomorrow at Hayloft on the Arch

Tomorrow is a big day for Jess and Greg! The biggest day in fact! They will be tying the knot surrounded by their family and friends right outside of Syracuse at a gorgeous venue called Hayloft on the Arch! They can't wait! It all started years ago.... with a game of darts and a few drinks!

The story goes like this... Greg's brother Keith and Jessica's best friend thought that Jess and Greg would make a good pair (they were so right!). They all got together and had some drinks and played some darts... truth be told, it was a bit awkward! BUT..... it was SO worth it and the two dart throwing love birds have been together ever since! A few years later on their anniversary, Greg thought it would be a good time to do you know what... POP THE QUESTION! It was the perfect setting.... a romantic vacation together in the Finger Lakes... sipping some tasty local wines... a crackling fireplace... and at promptly 8:27pm, Greg gets down on one knee and asks Jess to be his wife! Of course Jess said yes! 

(Both photos compliments of the bride herself and not taken by Silent Moment Photography)

Since that special moment, it's been a whirlwind of wedding details and planning... building flower arrangements (which Jess has loved doing herself!)... spending time on etsy and pinterest... making handmade signs and details... and more planning and details! Time flies though, and their big day is nearly here! They know it's going to be so much fun and they truly can't wait for the moment they see each other for the first time tomorrow! 

So here we are! Tomorrow these two will tie the knot and spend the rest of their lives on an adventure together (starting with their honeymoon in Punta Cana)! I'm so honored to be photographing their wedding day... I can't wait! I just know it'll be full of love and special little details!

I'll see you tomorrow Jess and Greg... with bells on!