Kelly & Mike | Married tomorrow in Syracuse!

Kelly and Mike were a bit weary of each other at first... in fact, they each brought a body guard (friend) to their first date together... just in case the other was crazy! Their first date of bowling went splendidly. It went so splendidly in fact that they are going to be getting MARRIED in Syracuse tomorrow! They will have friends with them throughout their wedding day tomorrow as well... but rather than playing the role of body guard, they will be there loving, supporting and watching as Kelly and Mike say 'I do'!  

Since their first date together, Kelly and Mike have continued to fall head over heels for each other. Kelly knew that Mike was a keeper when he drove 45 minutes to surprise Kelly with flowers and chocolates simply because she was having a bad day. He was greeted by Kelly's loving Mother at the door... with a shotgun in hand! Showing up at night unannounced can always be risky business! Thankfully her Mom realized that it was simply Kelly's knight in shining armor arriving to cheer up her daughter... and everyone made it out of that night unharmed... and more in love than ever. The 45 minute drive didn't stop Kelly from coming to Mike's aid as well! He was under the weather and she drove to him with medicine and also a bit of candy to cheer her man up. Clearly these two don't let life's long drives or petty stresses get in the way of their love for each other.... they're meant to be! 

They love hockey games and enjoying fun family activities together... their guilty pleasure is going to Turning Stone and having a great time. After lots of dates, car rides, flowers, chocolates, memories... Mike decided he couldn't wait any longer and had to pop the big question. A bit of Facebook romance was involved.... Mike got down on one knee... and Kelly said YES! These two can't wait to start this next chapter of their lives and be able to call each other husband and wife. Kelly has a cute and cozy 'Feyonce' hoodie that she's eager to trade in for a new and even cozier 'Wifey' hoodie! 

Kelly and Mike have enjoyed planning their beautiful autumn wedding day... Kelly has loved shopping for little goodies and wedding details along the way! Though it can be stressful, their advice to couples planning their own wedding day would be "RELAX! No one is going to remember what color the napkins were... no one." Such simple and wise advice! After these two exchange wedding vows and their fun reception party comes to an end (they can't wait to party!), they'll begin their adventure as husband and wife with a honeymoon in Aruba!

I'm so excited to spend the day tomorrow photographing the wedding celebration of such a wonderful and fun couple! There's no doubt in my mind that their wedding day will be full of colorful details and true love!

Here's to you, Kelly and Mike! It's such an honor to be your wedding photographer!