Jessica & Erik | Married Tomorrow at Turningstone!

Jessica and Erik met during a camping trip with friends. It was love at first sight and they couldn't take their eyes off of each other. Imagine it! Campfires... twinkling stars... laughter and s'mores... cool fresh country air. The perfect setting to fall in love!

They've been building memories ever since they fell head over heels for each other on that camping trip... like the first time Jessica tried golfing with Erik (she was a great sport despite her bit of struggling!). Traveling to Boston together. Skiing together. More camping trips! Going to the park... Or even just lounging and watching their favorite TV shows with each other! These two will be looking into each other's eyes tomorrow... thinking fondly of all of their special memories together, and say 'I do'!

There's just one more not-so-little detail that you should know about Jessica and Erik. In fact... anyone that knows these two knows that one of their favorite things to do... is LOVE on their furry (doggy) child! That's right, they'll become a family of three tomorrow! During their engagement shoot last fall, I got to meet their dog! What a bundle of joy and excitement! One of the things that attracts Jessica to Erik is his amazing 'doggy daddy' skills! Jessica gives lots of love to her doggy... but not all of it! Erik can't get enough of all of the care and love that Jessica gives him (he has his fingers crossed that it will continue!). Their pup is certainly their pride and joy... and though he won't be there to witness his mom and dad tie the knot tomorrow, I'm sure he'll be cheering on from home! 

There isn't any doubt in my mind that these three (yes their doggy too!) will have a wonderful and fun married life together! Though they've enjoyed the wedding food tastings (and have saved some sanity by spreading out their wedding planning)... they can't wait for their reception celebration tomorrow evening! 

Tomorrow, just outside of Syracuse, surrounded by the love of their family and friends (and great wedding photographer!)... Jessica and Erik will tie the knot! When their wedding celebration comes to an end... the good times will keep on rolling! They'll be heading to their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic! 

Erik and Jessica... I can't wait to photograph your wedding day tomorrow! I can't wait capture the moment that you two beautiful best friends become a beautiful new husband and wife!