Carolynn & Eugene | Married Tomorrow in Camillus!

When I first met Carolynn and Eugene, I knew their love was something special! After getting to know them a little bit better over the past few months, I know that now more than ever! I asked Carolynn to fill out a couple of wedding day questionnaires, and she was so excited to do so! One of the wedding questionnaires was to gain a little more insight into what makes Carolynn and Eugene's love the special kind of love that it is! 

Carolynn... She's smart. She's clever. She's beautiful. She's kind. She's caring. She's hardworking. She's crafty. Eugene's list of words to describe his soon to be bride is nearly endless! He says, "Convincing her to settle for me is probably the biggest mistake of her life, and the greatest achievement of mine". Eugene shouldn't be so hard on himself though... clearly Carolynn is head over heels for him!

Eugene... He's intelligent. He's considerate. He's strong. He's stubborn when Carolynn's too lenient. He's logical when she's too emotional. He's decisive when she can't make a decision. Eugene is Carolynn's best friend... other half... he's forever in her heart. Eugene assumes that Carolynn is settling for him... but for Carolynn, she can't imagine her life without him.  

They've been best friends for years, and are truly perfect together! When Carolynn isn't crafting up some remarkable one of a kind creation and Eugene isn't watching his favorite sports teams.... these two are spending time together with their favorite game called Amtgard! They travel the East Coast and into Canada for this hobby that they share! They volunteer and create new things together- they sew, they work crafting leather and they even make dwarf beards together! I'm telling you... these two are meant to be! 

Carolynn and Eugene will be getting married tomorrow just outside of Syracuse... but the funny thing is- that Eugene never officially asked Carolynn out! Carolynn recalls the memory this way... "We were at the drive-in theater on June 28th, 2007 when he asked "So when are we gonna make this official?" Eight years later he took me to the same drive-in theater and got down on one knee asking again, "So when are we gonna make this official?"

Since 2007 (after they met at a high school dance), these two lovebirds have had eyes for each other. Wedding planning can be stressful, but it has brought Carolynn and Eugene even closer together than ever before. Their advice for couples planning their wedding day is... "Don't procrastinate! And do what is best for you. Everyone has different opinions and etiquette rules, and someone will always have something to say. In the end though, it's only you and your fiance that matter. Do what makes you both happy." 

Tomorrow will be perfect... whether it's raining, snowing or the sun is shining! It will be perfect... because Carolynn and Eugene are going to 'make if official'! They're so excited to spend their wedding day with their family and friends... and I am overjoyed to be photographing it! Their wedding day is going to be filled with special moments, I can just feel it! Their day will be filled with great handmade details too (all of the paper flowers are made by Carolynn herself)!

Eugene and Carolynn... your wedding day is going to be perfect. I truly can not wait to photograph the moment that you two 'make it official'!