Sarah & Kenny | Getting married in Pennsylvania tomorrow!

Bright and early tomorrow I'll be getting in my car and leaving Syracuse to photograph a special wedding day in Pennsylvania! I'm so excited for this couple! Sarah and Kenny are certainly meant for each other. With Sarah's artsy talent and Kenny's knack for making beautiful music on the piano... you can only imagine the beautiful, creative minds these two have! They love having a good time with one another... from hanging out at the beach to working up a sweat at the gym- these two have fun together no matter what they're doing. Their special love story started with a long phone call. The sparks were flying... and the first time they met in person, Sarah's attraction to Kenny made her heart race and her knees weak. From that moment on, the hugs that Kenny gives to Sarah have only gotten better and their special connection has only gotten stronger. 

Sarah falls more in love with Kenny everyday. Her heart skips a beat when she makes him laugh. Kenny knew that Sarah was the one in a sweet and simple moment while they were simply hanging out with friends. I imagine that time stood still at that moment for Kenny as he looked over and saw Sarah (probably doing that sweet giggle that she does so well) and thought 'I want to go through life with this girl always by my side...'. She's his theme park adventure partner, his best friend and his partner in life. Once they knew that they wanted to spend forever together, Kenny sealed the deal with a beautiful engagement ring. I wouldn't be able to do the proposal portion of their love story justice.... so here's how Sarah retells that special moment...

"So... with the ring already in his pocket and stuck tightly on his pinky finger, we walked out to the end of a long dock off of the beach. It was night time under the stars in Florida and after like 15 minutes of talking about how thankful we were for each other and how excited we were for a life together, he got down on his knee and asked if I would marry him (while praying he would be able to get the ring off his pinky and onto my finger). After I said yes, he hugged me and through happy tears we prayed together that God would strengthen what we have and that He would help us grow closer to Him and each other through the years to come."

Sarah and Kenny live a bit of a distance away from each other.... and once they tie the knot, doing everyday things together will become the glue and that these have been waiting eagerly for. They can't wait! 

So tomorrow, in the hills of Pennsylvania and surrounded by everyone they love.... Sarah will walk down the aisle to greet her soon to be husband (she can't wait!).... photographs will be taken, tears will be shed and smiles will be constant.... Sarah and Kenny will say 'I do' and become husband and wife. They really can't wait... they've had their minds set on their future life together rather than on stressful wedding day details... and they can't wait for that future together to begin! After they bid their guests farewell and hop into their little getaway car (Kenny can't wait!), they'll be heading to their honeymoon on the sunny, gorgeous Sanibel Island off the coast of Florida! 

Their bit of wisdom for couples that are in the process of planning their wedding day is to... 'Make sure the day is more about the decision and commitment that you are making instead of focusing on just the event.'

Sarah and Kenny will commit their hearts and lives to one another tomorrow.... and then it's on to Happily Ever After! Here's to true love and here's to you, Sarah and Kenny!