Kylie & Robert | Married near Syracuse tomorrow!

Kylie is a girl after my own heart! She owns a diner and anyone who knows me well, knows that there's nothing that I love more than a good diner! I plan to visit Kylie's Diner in the near future and can not wait... but for now, let me tell you a little bit about the love story behind Kylie and Robert...

Kylie and Robert's love began in the very diner that Kylie owns. It's like a fairy tale love story... Kylie served Robert's table years ago... I'm not sure if he ordered bacon or pancakes... but one thing is for sure- He ordered a lifetime of LOVE! Ever since then, Kylie and Robert have been building a life full of fun memories and true love. They've traveled all over together... spending time with those they love, having fun at amusement parks and also trying out all kinds of slides at county fairs from here to the moon! These two can't wait to say 'I do'. Robert is the heart of Kylie's world... thinking of her life without him is something that Kylie can't even begin imagine... he truly loves her unconditionally and makes her life complete! Robert can't wait to wake up every morning next to the love of his life... and is equally excited to fall asleep next to her every night. These two want nothing more than to spend every moment together... having fun and making special memories!

So tomorrow... just outside of Syracuse, NY... Kylie and Robert will say 'I do'... and they gave me the honor of being their wedding photographer! I am truly excited... I know for sure that their wedding day is going to be such a special day full of beautiful moments and endless love!

Here's to you Kylie and Robert... and may your lifetime be a dream of cotton candy, county fairs and more love than you can imagine!