Alex & Ryan | Married near Syracuse Tomorrow!

When Alex isn't playing with her dogs and (window) shopping with her girlfriends... and Ryan isn't knee deep in his love for baseball... these two love birds are simply just falling more and more in love with each other! They met through a mutual friend (Alex's Matron of Honor) and after their first group date, they've never been apart! Alex's favorite memory of Ryan is the first time he kissed her... she was rambling on through a never ending story, and Ryan must have had enough! He shut her up and pulled her in for their first kiss. For Ryan... he loves their memory of driving through loud Pennsylvania construction during their first vacation together and rocking out to music!

These two have been falling in love more and more every since day one. Alex feels all giddy and girly when Ryan grabs her hand... and every time Ryan looks in Alex's eyes, he falls for her all over again. These two are meant for each other. They are each other's binge-watching-TV buddies... they love spending time together with their families and they also LOVE to eat! 

Their wedding planning has been the most wonderful and stressful time of their life... and SO WORTH IT. I have no doubt that tomorrow is going to be filled with laughter and giggles... love, family and tasty food! Wedding planning can certainly take a toll on couples... and here is Alex and Ryan's advice for couple's in the planning process...

"Relax. Things will go wrong- and plans will change. But at the end of the day- you will still marry the person you love and that's all that matters. Also- ORGANIZE and start organizing early. Make spread sheets of your vendors and balances- find a filing system to keep everything together that works for you (I personally have a file box- each category has its own spreadsheets, contracts, and pictures) As things get more stressful you will want everything in place and not searching for it."

Their organizing, planning and preparing has paid off... tomorrow, with the love of their family and friends, Alex and Ryan will say 'I do'. They've waited years to be able to call each other husband and wife... and tomorrow, that's what they will become at last! They can't wait... and I certainly can't wait to photograph their special day! Once the confetti settles and the dancing comes to a stop... the new husband and wife will be off to spend seven wonderful days in sunny Jamaica!

Alex and Ryan... here's to you! Here's to yummy food, loving family and your special wedding day!