Jessica & Zach | Married Tomorrow near Syracuse!

Jessica. She loves the beach. She loves listening to Taylor Swift. She loves her cat Cupcake..... but there's nothing she loves more than her soon-to-be husband Zach! 

Zach. He loves bowling. He loves hanging with his friends. He loves doing a bit of relaxing and some TV watching... but there's nothing he loves as more than his soon-to-be wife Jessica!

Together these two have been on so many adventures together. From skydiving to playing with Cupcake... they have fun spending time together whatever the adventure may be! Concerts. Plays. Taylor Swift shows. Drive-In movies. Dining at quaint little restaurants. Sporting events... these two love to travel all over (Toronto is on their favorite's list)!

Jessica and Zach met through a mutual friend (whose name is also Jessica!) while they were both studying at University of Buffalo. This soon-to-be husband and wife fell for each other through lots of wonderful adventures and laughs together. One memorable day at their apartment in Buffalo, Zach got down on one knee and asked Jessica to marry him... and she said yes (the balloons and roses helped)!! Finally tomorrow they will be able to look into each other's eyes and say the words 'I do'! They can not wait... tomorrow can't come soon enough for Jessica and Zach! 

Wedding planning is certainly a lot of work... Jessica and Zach's advice to couples that are planning their wedding day is simply this... hire a wedding planner!! Wedding planning isn't all meetings and emails though... their favorite part of planning their wedding was having the honor of asking their loved ones to be in their wedding party. They've also loved planning their honeymoon... and of course- trying all of the cupcake samples!

So tomorrow, surrounded by the love and support of their family and friends... Jessica and Zach will tie the knot! Shortly after their big day, they'll make their way to their honeymoon destination- a gorgeous Sandals Resort in St. Lucia! You can only imagine how excited these two are for their big day and amazing honeymoon plans!

I'm thrilled that they chose Silent Moment Photography to photograph their wedding day... it's truly such an honor

Here's to adventures, cupcakes and you, Jessica & Zach!