Megan & Anthony | Married Tomorrow in the Adirondacks

Though I do photograph lots of weddings around the Syracuse area... I'm always excited to go on a mini road trip out of town! Tomorrow, my assistant Ana and I will load up the gear and head out to a beautiful little lake in the Adirondacks to photograph Megan and Anthony's wedding day! I can not wait! My lenses are cleaned, batteries are charged... creative juices are flowing and I'm ready to go! If I'm this excited, I can only imagine how excited Megan and Anthony are. I asked Megan to tell me a little bit about their excitement and love story, and here's her response...

"One summer, 11 years ago, we were both spending a sunny Wednesday on the lake (me sunning alone, and Anthony tubing with friends). Anthony's friends ditched him in the middle of the lake and went back to their camp (on purpose). Being the only other boat on the lake, he yelled for me and I went to pick him up. We spent the whole rest of the day together, and the rest is history. We've spent every summer since in Brantingham. A year ago Anthony proposed to me out in the middle of the same lake, where we first got together, and we will be married up here as well.  Brantingham is such a big part of our story we couldn't imagine being married anyplace else."

As you can see... tomorrow is going to be a day filled with love, laughter... and a special little lake nestled among Adirondack pines and fresh country air! Megan and Anthony... I can not wait to photograph all of the moments during your wedding day tomorrow. It's going to be perfect!

Here's to Brantingham Lake, summer sunshine and the soon to be bride and groom!