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Behind the Scenes | Wedding Photographer

My last blog post showcased some of my favorite photos from a portrait session I recently photographed around San Francisco. If you haven't seen the post... just scroll down and give it a look! This blog post shows something a little different....

I was very excited to photograph Josef and Paloma at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. When we arrived and started adventuring around various lookout points, I realized that it would be a bit of a challenge to create a unique photo centered around the Golden Gate Bridge. It's an iconic landmark that has been 'shot to death' (as photographers would say)... it's been photographed millions of times in millions of ways- and that makes creating a unique portrait involving the bridge a bit of a challenge. However....

I LOVE challenges! So when we arrived at these various lookout points to take some photos centering around the bridge, my creative wheels immediately started turning and I was determined to capture a unique photograph of my three beautiful subjects! 

Instead of simply taking a photo of Josef and Paloma standing and smiling with the bridge in the background... I found some beautiful little yellow wildflowers and decided to frame my three subjects with the pretty little flowers in the foreground. I wanted to create something different! 

So here I am... crouching down in the flowers... up against pricker bushes (I earned handfuls of scratches!)... on the edge of a drop off...

Josef and Paloma thought what I was doing so funny that they both decided to whip our their phones and take a photo of my creative (genius) at work! (The above photo is thanks to their phone snapshot!)


So... amidst the flowers, prickers, drop off... and with my three beautiful subjects (Josef, Paloma and the Golden Gate Bridge)... we were able to create the gorgeous photograph below!

I was very happy with the outcome of our - not so ordinary - Golden Gate Bridge portrait! Sometimes to create something unique, you have to get a bunch of pricker bush scratches and some dirt on your jeans!

When I travel, I do not often have any photos of myself... I'm always the photographer behind the camera! This time, I asked Josef and Paloma to take a quick photo of me with the bridge... clearly I needed some posing guidance!


I hope you enjoyed this short & sweet behind the scenes blog post! 

I'm endlessly grateful to have the opportunity to create and work as a wedding photographer... I love what I do!

Josef & Paloma | San Francisco Portraits

If you've been to my travel blog... then you know that I've been doing a bit of traveling! I've been photographing weddings and portrait sessions locally in Syracuse and around the state of New York... and I've also been doing my fair share of shooting on the west coast as well! This blog post is showcasing a few of my favorite photos from a recent portrait session I photographed in San Francisco! 

Josef and Paloma are such a lovely couple! Photographing them was so much fun... and the more I get to know them, the more I think they're the coolest! Looking forward to hanging out with them during my next trip out their way! Our portrait session began at a gorgeous and iconic location called 'The Palace of Fine Arts' and ended at a few lookout points by the Golden Gate Bridge! Take a look at a few of my favorite images from their photo shoot... and get ready to fall in love with their loveliness!

As you can see... I had such a fun time adventuring around with these two and creating these photos! Josef and Paloma are wonderful! Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to photograph both of you!